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We returned to Israel on the wings of the eagle, through the love of Hashem, the Creator, for his children. Followers of Rav Nachman of Breslov return each year from Ulman on the wings of the eagle with renewed purity, wisdom, and sense of purpose to serve the community in many ways. Our goal is to give to the community what Hashem has given us. We provide our assitance through multiple types of dedicated services.

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Our Amutah has several divisions each of which has distinct goals and activities.

Food for Needy Families in Givat Shaul

Rabbi Chiam Goldberg sat next to Rav Mordecai Eliyahu z"l, in his Beit Knesset for 20 years. Every eruv Shabbat and eruv Yom Tov Rav Goldberg provides food for over 100 needy families in Givat Saul He received blessing for his work from Rav Mordecai Eliyahu z"l and Rav Yitchak Caduri z"l.

People in Need of Rephuah

Rabbi Chiam Goldberg of Givat Shaol will make Kabalistic prayers for rephuah. Rav Goldberg has received blessings for his work from Rav Yitchak Caduri z"l and Rav Mordechai Eliyahu z"l. There are numerous miraculous stories of his successes. To schedule a rephuah please send a donation and explanation of the problem below. Contributions will be used to provide Shabbus meals for families in Givat Shaol. Rav Goldberg provides food for as many as 500 people (or more) each Sabbath.

Shabbus Table

Once you have logged into PayPal, be sure to click on the "Provide special instructions for Rav Goldberg" link. If possible include the Hebrew name of the person seeking rephuah and their mother's Hebrew name.

Order Prayers at the Western Wall for 1 Dollar a Day

Have a pious Jew pray for you at the Western Wall for $1.00 a day.

Specify your prayer request in English and or Hebrew in the test field below. By tradition, any prayer made at the Kotel for 40 days in a row will be answered. Include payment of $1.00 times the number of days you want prayers to be made. A percentage of your payment will go to support the work of our amutah. (If your prayer is for a specific person, include, if possible, his or her name and mother's name in Hebrew.)
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Canfei Nesharim L'maan Hakahal


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Israel is blessed with strong medical care that is available to all citizens. However, there are types of advanced and powerful forms of alternative medical care, which hitherto have only been available to people who could afford then. Joseph Tugenburg, who heads this division of our Amutah, is dedicated to making progressive health care available to the community in Nachlaot, Jerusalem, and other areas. He personally specializes in the alternative treatment of autistic children and people suffering from addiction. Goals of this division include:

  • Creation of a clinic space where alternative practitioners can deliver care to the needy at reduced rates

  • Establishment of a health care coop where, for a one time annual fee, participants can receive alternative forms of healing at a reduced cost

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People for a Bill to Build the Beit Hamikdash


Visit the People for a Bill to Build the Third Temple Website

This division of our Amutah was founded by Israel Ben David, a descendant of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, and Boruch Fishman. Currently we are raising money for attorney Boruch ben Joseph of Jerusalem to go to court (to the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem) and file a motion claiming ownership of the Temple Mount on behalf of the all-male lineage holders of the House of David. We are claiming that King David purchased the Temple Mount and passed it on, in succession, to his all-male descendants and they never sold the property to anyone. We are making this claim on behalf of actual all-male lineage holders from the House of David. The ultimate goal of the project is to facilitate building the Third Temple in its location, in the central raised portion of the Temple Mount. We recognize that to be successful the House of David will have to accept the continuance of the mosques on the southern part of the Temple Mount and the right of Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount 365 days of the year.The House of David is able to make this arrangement because once Israel has recognized the ownership rights of the House of David to the Temple Mount, the mosques will be sitting on Davidic property. Therefore the agreement will not involve ceding Israeli property to foreigners, which is against Jewish law.

Our amutah is not only interested in winning government acknowledgement that the Temple Mount is the property of the House of David, but also to facilitate administration of the Temple Mount property once it is legally back under Davidic control.

We want to facilitate the positive intervention of the all-male descendants of King David into Israeli life, thereby avoiding a royalty vacuum at a time when Israel is confronted by challenges from foreign monarchies. Projects related to this goal include

  • Responding to Jordanian efforts to claim control of the Temple Mount,
  • Helping the Temple Mount community establish the Third Temple, and
  • Responding to a bill being deliberated by UNESCO, which is seeking to deny Jewish connections to the Temple Mount
If needed, in the future, we are prepared to bring a bill before the Knesset to facilitate any part of our plan that can't be accomplished through lesser means. The goal of our court action and any future bill is to develop a plan for building the Third Temple in its proper location without disturbing the security of the country. After five years of efforts, this division of the Amutah has created a complete bill in Hebrew, which calls for dividing the Temple Mount into separate areas, Muslim and Jewish. Jordan responded to the essential elements of the plan, publicly, in January of 2013 and while their response was not favorable, the language of their pronouncement contained no violence or indication of future threats of violence. We believe this is because our bill promises that the building and running of the Third Temple (in its actual historical location) will not affect the status of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other mosques on the southern part of the Temple Mount.


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The main features of the bill are:

  1. Acknowledgement that the Temple Mount is the property of the House of David for all of Israel,

  2. A promise that the building and running of the Third Temple will not affect the status of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other mosques on the Temple Mount,

  3. Opening up the Huldah Gates and corresponding tunnels and extending them under the area of Muslim prayer to the central place of holiness on the Temple Mount (where the first and second Temples were located),

  4. Moving structures off of the area where the First and Second Temples were located via big building movers (There are two companies in the world that can move the Dome of the Rock [which is not a mosque] to the northwest corner of the Temple Mount without harming it at all.),

  5. Organizing the building and day to day running of the Third Temple via a Board of Directors consisting of leaders of the Temple Mount community, as determined by themselves and approved by a Knesset committee. (They will be responsible for funding the cost of building and running the temple through the private sector), and

  6. Ensuring that the building and running of the Third Temple will be in strict accordance with Jewish law. (This will be supervised on five levels: 1)The Board of Directors 2) A Committee consisting of the second to the Kohen Gadol and several other Rabbis and Kohanim who are knowledgeable in the laws of the Temple 3)The Sanhedrin of 72 Rabbis established in 2004 in Jerusalem with the blessings of Rabbi Eliyashiv z"l and Rabbi Avadia Joseph z"l 4) The Rabbi of the Kotel. He is responsible for administering all the Holy Places in Israel and will have the authority to initiate actions before the Sanhedrin, Knesset or the Rabbinate in instances where he believes Temple activities are violating Jewish halakha. 5) The Rabbinate of Israel.)

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