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We returned to Israel on the wings of the eagle, through the love of Hashem, the Creator, for his children. Followers of Rav Nachman of Breslov return each year from Ulman on the wings of the eagle with renewed purity, wisdom, and sense of purpose to serve the community in many ways. Our goal is to give to the community what Hashem has given us. We provide our assitance through multiple types of dedicated services.

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Our Amutah has several divisions each of which has distinct goals and activities.

Food for Needy Families in Givat Shaul

Rabbi Chiam Goldberg sat next to Rav Mordecai Eliyahu z"l, in his Beit Knesset for 20 years. Every eruv Shabbat and eruv Yom Tov Rav Goldberg provides food for over 100 needy families in Givat Saul He received blessing for his work from Rav Mordecai Eliyahu z"l and Rav Yitchak Caduri z"l.

People in Need of Rephuah

Rabbi Chiam Goldberg of Givat Shaol will make Kabalistic prayers for rephuah. Rav Goldberg has received blessings for his work from Rav Yitchak Caduri z"l and Rav Mordechai Eliyahu z"l. There are numerous miraculous stories of his successes. To schedule a rephuah please send a donation and explanation of the problem below. Contributions will be used to provide Shabbus meals for families in Givat Shaol. Rav Goldberg provides food for as many as 500 people (or more) each Sabbath.

Shabbus Table

Once you have logged into PayPal, be sure to click on the "Provide special instructions for Rav Goldberg" link. If possible include the Hebrew name of the person seeking rephuah and their mother's Hebrew name.

Canfei Nesharim L'maan Hakahal


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Israel is blessed with strong medical care that is available to all citizens. However, there are types of advanced and powerful forms of alternative medical care, which hitherto have only been available to people who could afford then. Joseph Tugenburg, who heads this division of our Amutah, is dedicated to making progressive health care available to the community in Nachlaot, Jerusalem, and other areas. He personally specializes in the alternative treatment of autistic children and people suffering from addiction. Goals of this division include:

  • Creation of a clinic space where alternative practitioners can deliver care to the needy at reduced rates

  • Establishment of a health care coop where, for a one time annual fee, participants can receive alternative forms of healing at a reduced cost

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People for a Bill to Build the Beit Hamikdash


We are working to register the Temple Mount in the name of the all male descendents of King David - on behalf of all Israel. We have met with the Jerusalem land mapping office and are currently submitting genealogical records from all-male descendents of King David to prove they are the rightful owners of the property. (King David purchased the land from Arunah the Jebusite, on behalf of all of Israel, and inheritance in the House of David is from father to son.) We are asking the mapping office to accept a survey of the Temple Mount so that the area being registered will be defined by lot number. We will then go to TABU (the land registration office) and request to register the five hundred by five hundred amot area that corresponds to the original Temple Mount, in the name of the all male descendents of King David. We will register the rest of the Temple Mount in the name of Israel Auerbach. (Israel was a Golani who was picked to go on missions for General Sharon and subsequently selected as an advisor to an important Israeli security organization. His father was head of the Mosad for all of Europe after World War II and purchased secrets that are essential to Israel's national security. Israel descends generation after generation, via Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, the Baal Shem Tov, and the Maharal of Prague, from King David and was anointed King of Israel by the Admor Elimelech of Ramot, a descendent of the Baal Shem Tov. We will be using a Hebrew translation of the foremost archeological study on the location of the original Temple Mount to identify the area we wish to register, as well using archeological proof of the existence of the House of David and the existence of specific Kings in the all male line.

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